Authenticity is as big as the Internet itself

Authenticity Capital provides seed and early stage advisory and venture placement services to investors and prospective Authenticity Entrepreneurs. Our mission is to help qualify prospective licensees - Entrepreneurs - of The Authenticity Institute and, once qualified, to seek investors and board members for the Authenticity Enterprises to be launched by the licensees, with support from The Authenticity Institute, Inc.

Authenticity Entrepreneurs are chosen for their experience, contacts, and reputation in the target audience and market that they intend to serve, through the application of a targeted solution built upon the Authenticity Infrastructure.

Authenticity is as big as the Internet itself. Almost all of the major problems suffered by users of the Internet and phone networks are caused by one form or another of inauthenticity. Each Authenticity Enterprise addresses an “inauthenticity pain” suffered by decision makers in their target audience, and brings an Authenticity solution to that target market.

Take a moment to read about Security, Insecurity and Authenticity. Then learn how you can profit from The Authenticity Economy by partnering with one or more of the Authenticity Enterprises and their Entrepreneurs.